3 Steps to Improving Your Page Rank on Google

The search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing which are the most important threesome, must be an important part of your search engine optimization work. You need to consider them for your online marketing resources to achieve a high page ranking. These search engines have these little critters called spiders who crawl the whole wide web looking for the most relevant content for their most demanding surfers. Without search engines, there is no traffic that you can call significant for your online success. Search engines direct a large amount of traffic to our websites and is also a most likely permanent traffic. We need to do our research and spend some time doing the marketing & optimization thing.

Again, there are plenty of ways that people can arrive at a website. They can get to a website by going through a search engine, by getting a link from a friend, by linking to a site from another site, by seeing an advertisement with a website address, by manually entering a website address in their browser, or by clicking on an ad they see online. Of those, search engines direct the most traffic by far. Internet users have found that, as search engines improve, the results they get by typing in only a few keywords gets them to the websites they want to see. This is why search engines direct so much web traffic in this day and age.

Establishing your website with the search engines is a major and almost difficult endeavor. You have to try to beat a monster like Google with all of their rules and algorithms that change almost every three months or at least yearly. Right when you are thinking you are getting closer to beat this horse to death, they change the rules on you and it’s back to square one again. Page ranking becomes very important and your best bet is to figure out what is working for your site, without damaging your reputation. The worst thing you can do is try to circumvent the system, which is pretty hard to do. Get to know the ropes and do it right, just as the search engines want it and you will reap the benefits for a long time.

The importance of page rank can be overemphasized by some businesses, however. Some companies want to concentrate almost exclusively on their page ranking for a particular keyword but fail to recognize the other important aspects of the website. The goal of any website isn’t to increase page rank. The goal is to increase visitors. Concentrating only on page rank, but not taking other aspects of the site into account-for example, design, usability, and functionality-can be detrimental to the site.

When users end up on a website, they don’t want to waste time and they want to go in and if they like what they see, they will stay around and if your product or service meet their needs, you have achieved your goal successfully. Your site must be optimized to be able to attract that visitor who depending on your offers will turn into an eager buyer and in the future your most loyal customer. There is something called a business plan which you will need to implement to establish yourself and in return you will get a flood of happy visitors. There are several SEO techniques which can make you an overnight success but believe it will take several overnights to get where you want to be.

You want to move up in the ranks, that is a fact and teething you souls strive for. Don’t evet think that you can flip a switch and it will happen that fast. Google don’t give page ranking that easy, you will have to earn that privilege, but guess waht once you get there it will be forever. Search engines will be here as long the Internet Superhighway is alive and well. We are in a digital age and this will be our way of life, so get used to it. If you want visibility for your internet business, you need to work hard. More visitors means more business but you have to have determination and patience to achieve success.

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