Sticky: Two Steps to a High Page Ranking

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A high page ranking is instrumental to the success of any business or organization.  It’s a known fact that most people who search the web don’t bother to look beyond the first three pages of search results.  This means that in order to be competitive, it’s essential for your website to appear within those first three pages, preferably on page one.  There are several ways to accomplish this, aside from buying a sponsored link.  High page ranking can be attained for free in two simple steps.

The first step to high page ranking is a properly optimized site.  If you aren’t a web design expert, you may want to enlist the services of an SEO expert who will optimize your site by determining the best possible keywords and inserting them into the meta tags and textual content of the site.  This allows search engines to find your site when a relevant search is performed; but keywords alone will not necessarily get your site to page one.

The next step is a vital one, and it involves planting ‘seeds’ throughout the Internet landscape in the form of high pr backlinks.  High pr backlinks are hyperlinks integrated into text within high pr blogs, high pr directories and high pr do follow discussion forums.  High pr blogs are the genuine blogs that attract lots of web traffic, just as high pr directories and discussion forums do.  When website owners participate in discussions or comment on blogs, they can place hyperlinks to their own sites within the text of their comments.  When hyperlinks such as these are placed on high pr do follow sites, the search engine robots will detect them and follow them to your site.  The more high pr backlinks you have out there, the higher your page will rise in the Google ranking system.

All of this may seem like an exhaustive process, but in the end you will see the results.  A properly optimized site, along with an extensive network of high pr backlinks creates the ideal formula to push your website up to page one.

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