Using Do Follow Sites to Build High Pr Backlinks

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High pr backlinks are the key to high page ranking these days, and there are several ways that you can go about building up a lot of them.  One way to increase the number of high pr backlinks your site has is by commenting on do follow blogs and forums and including a link.

What does ‘do follow’ mean? Essentially, links that are placed on do follow sites become high pr backlinks that can improve your page ranking, while links placed on ‘no follow’ sites won’t be acknowledged by search engines and won’t count toward a high page ranking.  Some website owners choose to place a ‘nofollow’ attribute in the HTML code of their sites to prevent search engines from following links found on their sites.  Usually, the no follow instruction is used to prevent people from spamming the site with links to get high page ranking.

To accumulate the maximum number of high pr backlinks in the shortest amount of time, you need to make the most of the time you spend commenting on blogs and forum posts by avoiding no follow sites and focusing only on do follow sites.  A simple way to do this is by viewing the source code of a site and looking for the ‘nofollow’ attribute, which looks like this: rel=”nofollow”.  To view the source code in your browser, click ‘view’ on the menu bar, then select ‘page source’ from the menu.  You can search just by looking through the HTML code or you can use CTRL+ F to perform a search, using nofollow as your search term.  If you can’t find the ‘nofollow’ attribute, then you have a do follow site, and a good place to put your link.

Searching through HTML code for a no follow instruction may seem tedious, but when you compare it to the time you might spend reading threads and writing comments, you want to spend that time on do follow sites only, to make sure that the backlinks that you create will help you achieve a high page ranking.

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