Why Pay For High Page Ranking when High Pr Backlinks are all You Need?

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A website needs to have high page ranking in Google in order to be seen by searchers.  It’s common knowledge that when doing a Google search, most searchers don’t bother to look beyond the first three pages of search results, and many don’t even look beyond page 1.  Nowadays people want information fast, and they want it to be placed in front of them rather than having to do an exhaustive search and read through a lot of useless information.

Google’s ranking system places the most relevant sites for a search at the beginning of the search results pages, but the very top spots are reserved for webmasters who are willing to pay.  These are the ‘sponsored links’ that you see at the top of every page.  Sponsored links aren’t always the sites most relevant to a search; in fact, searchers who automatically follow these links are often disappointed to find themselves on hard-sell sites or ones filled with nothing but irrelevant links.  Ideally, you want your site to be the first one after the sponsored links, but so does everybody else, which is why there’s such fierce competition to reach that coveted first page.

The key to ranking high enough to land within the first three pages of search results lies in Search Engine Optimization.  Currently, the best way to climb the ranks in Google is through high pr backlinks, which are one-way links leading to your site that originate from sites that have high page ranking.  The more high pr backlinks you have, the higher your page ranking will be, so the object is to have as many as possible, on highly ranked pages.  Pages that are highly ranked include article submission sites, social media sites, do follow blogs and various high pr directories.  When the search engine spiders crawl your site and detect a large number of links leading to it from high pr sites, you’ll be awarded the high page ranking that you’re looking for.

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