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In recent times High PR backlinks have become a huge source of internet business. There are several people who are taking advantage of people who are not aware of PR backlinks and swindling money out of them. While you can get these backlinks for free, you can find people selling PR 1 + backlinks for monthly packages. All you need to do is to learn the basics of high PR backlinks and how to create them.

What is PR?

PR is the abbreviation of Page Rank which actually indicates the quality of your website’s SEO analysis and also the quality of backlinks of your site. But you should note that this is just a rough indication.

PR is calculated through a complex algorithm by Google and is gained through the several backlinks your website has. The PR of the website through which the backlink is arriving is split equally between all the links that is on the page. But this is split only if these links are “do follow” back links.

Difference between No-Follow and Do-Follow Back links:

“No follow” is a new code developed by Google; you choose it if you don’t want any of the PR juice to be distributed to the sites linking to you. By attaching the tag to your code, you will not get the PR of the site you have created backlinks to nor will the sites which are connecting to you get high PR.

So if you want the high PR to be distributed, you will have to use the “Do Follow” tag.

Ways to Get High PR Back Links:

You can generate high PR backlinks through several social network sites, social book mark sites, web 2.0 sites, product forums, free article marketing sites, press releases etc. When you create a post, article, reply or a book mark at any of these sites, remember to leave your website URL as the signature. It is recommended that you spend time on creating backlinks every week; create at least 15 good high PR backlinks in a week.

For every backlink that has been created on your website, you should take care to create at least 3 – 4 links with your affiliate sites. Link exchange programs are quite easy and usually the website owners put up the link when you send a courteous email.

High PR Backlinks Software:

If you don’t want to go the manual way and want to create high PR backlinks in a jiffy then you can opt for automated software like SEnuke or Search engine nuke. This is time sensitive software which gets you quality high PR backlinks automatically and on its own. SEnuke is updated with new websites every month so that the high PR links stay online for a long time and your Google page rank gets boosted higher up.

Learn the know-how of high PR backlinks and employ the SEnuke software to see your website page rank soar.

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