Announcement: High PR Backlinks Are The King OF SEO

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Getting high PR backlinks to your web site is critical

to being found on the search engines.  90 percent of web sites on the internet are found on Google searches. High PR backlinks refer to linking sites with a high pr ranking back to your site.  This is important because of the significance that Google search and indexing algorithms places on having backlinks pointing to your web site.  The higher the overall page rank of the web site linking back to your web site the more weight that you’re site is given.  This is especially true in cases where you are able to tag your links with the key phrase that identifies the topic of your web site.

So just how do you go about getting a high pr backlink? Unless you know what constitutes a strong backlink, there is no way you can get one. The first thing you need to do is find high pr web sites that allow you to post your backlink.  If you want to determine the pr value of a domain go to  It’s a free service that allows you to input the domain address then returns it’s google ranking. If you go there and enter you’ll see that the result is 6 out of a possible 10.  It would be worth getting a backlink from there.

Locating high pr websites to backlink from can be a tedious process of googling for the types of sites that provide backlinking.  As you search through each category you want to test the pr of each result saving the high pr sites for future campaigns.  At the end of this article I will provide you with a link to some of the highest pr sites that other webmasters are getting backlinks from.

There are many sources of high pr backlinks and you should be on all of them.  Here are my personal favorite 3 methods for getting high PR backlinks quickly.

Method 1 High PR Forum entries:

Simply write about what you know and research what you don’t.  Keep writing on topic until you have about 400 or 500 words.  Include your backlink at the end of your post as well as tags and in the title as well.  At the end you can spell check and re-read for grammatical errors. In order to work the forums you need to get yourself a safe free disposable email address such as hotmail.   You’ll get better results if you stick with forums that are in your niche. A good way to find such forums is with a search such as:  “your topic” + “vbulletin” or “phpbb” or even “forum” .  This will give you a starting point of sites you can test the pr of that are useful for you to link from. Once you have narrowed down your list of high pr backlink sources from forums  it’s time to start joining the ones that have the highest pr first.  That includes filling in your profile which gives you the immediate opportunity to have your web site as a backlink to be part of your profile.

Method 2 High PR Do Follow Blog Commenting

To start with you need to google: “internet marketing” + “blog”  +”do follow” -“no follow” in order to get close to your list of relevant blogs with access to comments that have “do follow” link tagging.  Find then ones most relevant first then check the pr and place comments on the blogs with the highest google ranking first.

Method 3 Getting Backlinks to your backlinks

Join a few hundred high pr web 2.0 sites with your keyword being part of your user name if possible.  In the profile “about me” section you are able to add relevancy including your keyword in your description.  In addition you are able to add your favorite web page that is followable by search engine spiders.  Do not use the same web page in each profile or the search engine will discount your efforts.  You will get much further ahead by linking to the other web pages that are already linking to your web site.  This will add link juice to those pages which will have the effect of quickly raising your own web pages pr while flying under the radar.


In closing I would like to discourage attempts at getting high pr backlinks by reciprocal linking or link farming as that can be counter productive due to it’s overuse.  Search engines are currently penalizing sites who engage in those linking practices.  The king of high pr backlinks are all now one way incoming links only.

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