Announcement: High PR Backlinks: The Holy Grail Of SEO

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High PR Backlinks: The Holy Grail Of SEO

When it comes to external SEO nothing compares even remotely with the results you get by having high pr backlinks.  Google does not care what content you send out to other sites in order to get your backlinks.  All that google search engines are looking for to determine a site’s indexing is the quality and number of sites linking back.

It a proven fact that when you have high pr backlinks coming from high pr sites to your web site, your google ranking goes up almost immediately.   In lesser competing keywords you could easily grab number one spots on Google by simply getting high pr backlinks which are optimally  anchor tagged with your target keywords.

Getting these high pr backlinks can be elusive

but it’s not rocket science.   If you have patience and are willing to take the time filling out forms there are thousands of high pr web sites you can eventually reach.  Of course if you don’t have unlimited time on your hands but you have a marketing budget to work with then I highly recommend that you outsource your backlinking needs.

Outsourcing high pr backlinks can be expensive.

I saw one advertisement recently for the placement of 1 single backlink on a pr 6 web site permanently for $129.  That may seem steep but a while ago I actually received $100 from someone who offered it to me to be linked from one of my pr 2 web sites for a year.   I thought that was cool as I wasn’t even advertising that service.

There is a happy medium for your high pr backlink campaign if you want to save time but your budget is limited.  I would suggest investing in either of the following 2 options.  1) Subscribe monthly to a reliable and affordable all in one solution with powerful script that automates many repetitive tasks involved with high backlinking technology. 2) Invest in software that allows you to effectively save yourself time getting those high pr backlinks out there.

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