Sticky: High PR Forums – Another Secret Weapon To Backlinking Your Site!

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High pr backlinks can be obtained in so many different ways, and savvy marketers know all the tricks, like using article submission sites and high pr blogs to achieve high page ranking through backlinks.   Another way to accomplish this is by making use of online forums and actively participating in threads.   You’ll be amazed at how much traffic actually dribbles from your participation in high pr do follow forums.

If you’re new to the game, you can start by googling “online forums”, or “do follow online forums”.  You’ll be inundated with search results.  The next step is to register using a name that’s relevant to your site’s niche.  For example, if your site is in the finance niche, pick relevant user names like ‘credit cards’, ‘forex’, or ‘penny stocks’.  You may have to try a few user names to find one that’s available, but be creative.  You should also try to pick a user-name that matches one of the keywords in your site.

Go to the user control panel in the forum and add your sites as anchor-tagged signatures.  Most forums only allow you to type in 2 or 3; it depends on the number of words you use to hyperlink your site to.  Be sure to backlink your site in anchor text at the bottom author’s description part of your article rather than just using the URL in your post, because forums usually forbid users to place links in the copy, and doing so will get you a warning from the admins and may eventually lead to suspension of your account.  Although you may find reading the threads and commenting on user thoughts to be tiring and time consuming, high pr do follow forums are a great way to get your site the high page ranking that you want.  Why not try it for a month?  If you find that you really can’t be bothered, simply hire a forum poster to do the job for you!

A simple way to embed anchor text with a keyword tagged backlink if it’s allowable is to use a visual text editor for entering your post.    At the end of your article where you want to have your key word linked highlight over the word itself then choose the icon that looks like a chain link.  As a window pops up click on the address bar within the window and enter your website address there.

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