Sticky: Myths Associated With High PR Backlinks – A Know How Guide

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The first step towards high page rank starts with a good backlinks system that you are using in your website. It is very simple to get some quality high PR backlinks. You simply need to build a popular and very attractive website with quality content. High PR backlinks allows you to run and maintain your website neatly and also lets you get a constant cash flow through your website.

There are several myths associated with high PR backlinks which are not entirely true.

  • Myth 1 # The Page Rank of the page you post your link on must be high and not just the domain.

This is not true. If a site’s homepage has a high page rank, automatically that is passed on to your site irrespective of the page you have put up the link in.

  • Myth 2 # Your site is not ranked for the keywords that don’t have enough density.

If this were to be true, we won’t see any videos ranked as per their tags. Just posting more backlinks with adequate anchor text will get you a good rank.

  • Myth 3 # You should backlink with relevant sites only.

Search engines take into account only the High PR of the page from which the backlink comes and not the subject of the page. It is the volume that matters and the search engine doesn’t take count of the varied interests. The only benefit of posting at relevant sites is that the customer base is more likely to click on your link.

  • Myth 4 # Sites ranked on the first page of Search engine results has thousands of High PR backlinks and I will take ages to catch up.

This again does not hold good. Your competition is against similar keywords and the sites which have similar keyword phrases as the anchor text for their backlink. Your competition is not against all the pages appearing on the search engine result page.

Once you have cleared your doubts about the myths associated with high PR backlinks, you should concentrate on the basics of high PR back linking. The best place to start is with any of the web 2.0 communities. Create a profile in these social networking sites and add information about yourself, your company and the service you are providing. Put up a profile picture of yours and some basic personal information so that you don’t get marked spam by the users.

High PR backlinks can be generated through most of these web 2.0 communities like blogs, social networks, micro blogging sites, forums, article marketing sites etc. Once you get the hang of creating and using high PR backlinks you should learn about SEnuke or Search Engine Nuke.

SEnuke is a one click high PR backlinks generation tool by which you can easily get posted across 13 web 2.0 sites, 22 social bookmark sites and 15 RSS aggregators. It helps to get hundred variations of a single article with just a single click.

By learning the basics of back linking and with the help of SEnuke you can easily create good high PR back links.

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