Sticky: Obtain High PR Backlinks via Article Directory Submission Sites

Why high PR backlinks?

High PR backlinks are every web site owner’s dream.  Novice webmasters often think that sites automatically have traffic just because they are on the web, but at the end of the day, you can have a site; but a site without page ranking will seldom be seen.   That’s what draws the line between Internet marketers that enjoy huge success, and ones that just crawl along at snail’s pace until they give up.

Getting high PR backlinks for free or low cost

You could purchase links from sites that already have page ranking, but alternatively there are other ways to achieve the same results without spending vast amounts of money.  One of the first steps in building high pr backlinks is to submit articles to article directories.  Even though the article won’t automatically achieve a high ranking in Google, it will most definitely climb the ladder of page rank success faster than an article posted on a new website.  Why is that?  Because the staff at the article directory site benefit from your submissions.  Article directory submission sites earn billions of dollars each year through advertising and affiliate products.

Getting high PR backlinks on E-zines is perhaps the best site for article submission so far, given the fact that virtually every Google search seems to lead you there, regardless of the search phrase.  E-zines are also an excellent way to pick up web traffic because each and every site visitor is niche.  They will have looked for the search term that led them to your article, and then after reading the content that must have interested them in the first place, they click the link that leads to your site to learn more.  Backlinks via this type of article submission can very quickly turn into high pr backlinks.

Getting high PR backlinks requires SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the most essential components of website design, and you can’t achieve a high page ranking without it.  Savvy webmasters have many tricks at their disposal when it comes to promoting websites, but the power of high pr backlinks should never be underestimated.  High pr backlinks will raise your site to the top of the search results faster than anything else.

To make it easier for inexperienced “webrepreneurs”, David Baker, having 10 years of SEO experience, created this free blog site dedicated to the topic of getting high pr backlinks.

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