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This is a personal testimonial about SENuke from the webmaster of

Note to my content writer:
“I just thought I’d share some good news with you since you were part of this project.  My domain has just made it to number 17 on searches for high pr backlinks.

Not bad for a domain I just got a week ago.   I did it entirely using SENuke which I also just got about the same time.  It’s about $150 per month but worth it’s weight in gold.  I got the domain to test the theory that a person can compete on competitive keywords using this fairly high price seo marketing system.”

Why Am I So Excited About SENuke

By the time I actually purchased the pro version of SENuke about a week ago I also purchased this new domain with a competitive keyword phrase.  Having years of experience in SEO marketing my instincts and experience told me that I needed to take a serious look at this all in one web site marketing solution.

My instincts have paid off as I just started using SENuke about 2 days ago after having reviewed the material and creating a website based on niche research.  Of course the rule of thumb is to always include the keyword in your domain name and as luck would have it I was able to secure a top level .net address.

Just today I noticed for the first time that this domain is now searchable on google for the term ‘high pr backlinks‘.  As a matter of fact  just appeared in number 17 spot right out of the blue.  Try searching for high pr backlinks and you’ll find me on page 2 unless I already ended up on page one by the time you read this.

That’s because I spent the last couple of days implementing what I learned from reviewing the SENuke instructional videos as well as reading the manual.  I new how powerful the software could be and I didn’t want to screw up a potentially awesome high pr backlinking run.

This is March 30 2010 when I am sharing this news update with you.  If you have been seeking the most efficient way of driving targeted traffic to your web site you can’t afford to let your competition find this before you`ve even taken it for the free complimentary fully functional test drive.

I can’t imagine you wanting to go back to the old way of getting those high pr backlinks once you’ve tried SENuke.

David Raets – webmaster and seo expert

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5 Responses to “SENuke Reviewed By Independent Webmaster”

  1. Mandy White says:


    As your content writer, I reviewed your sites and read up on SENuke so that I would have a good understanding of what it was you were trying to accomplish. Needless to say, I was pretty impressed with the software. I have written a lot of material on search engine optimization, but I have never seen anything like SENuke before. I thought that if this software could really do what it claimed it could do, it could single-handedly revolutionize web marketing as we know it.

    I didn’t doubt that you would get results with this method, but I was completely blown away when you told me that you had reached number 17 after only having the domain for a week, and only days after using the content that I had submitted to you!

    You see, I was accustomed to the old SEO methods; tedious submissions and waiting patiently to achieve a good ranking in natural search results. I never would have believed that you could make it to page two in a matter of days without buying yourself a spot.

    SENuke is truly unique because it does everything all in one program and above all, your site ranking is proof positive that it works! Congratulations on your speedy success, and I’m looking forward to seeing you on page 1!

    Mandy White

    Professional Copy Writer

  2. ProfessionalCopyWriter says:

    I see now that you have made it to page one of Google! SENuke obviously works; Congratulations!

  3. gMan says:

    Congrats, could you detail how you went about this using SENUKE? It could be a seperate article. Pretty awesome!

  4. i was wondering if there are webmasters who manages several thousand websites at a time.`”~