Announcement: Seven Simple Steps To Get High Page Ranking

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Getting High Page Ranking

Today there is stiff competition wherever you go or whatever you do. Your website needs to have high page ranking to survive against the competition posed by various other websites of the same niche. There are several ways to achieve high page ranking for your website, thanks to technology. Getting the help of a professional SEO expert is often seen as the most effective solution but this also tends to be a costly affair.

Actually the process of getting high page rank is quite simple and can be achieved through 7 simple steps that are listed below.

Getting High Page Ranking With Quality Content

Write quality content for your website. The articles you write for your website should be filled with information about the product or service you are marketing. It should be unique and also relevant to what your website is all about. Take the effort to produce fresh articles every month. Visitors will be thrilled to find new articles and read fresh information constantly; this is sure to increase traffic to your site getting you high page ranking.

High Page Ranking Using Keyword Optimization

Choose your keywords very carefully as this plays a major role in SEO. List out relevant keywords about your business and select the most appropriate words. If you are just a start-up, try selecting the keywords that are of middle search volume. This is because these keywords will rarely have competition unlike the high search volume keywords. Use these keywords in your articles carefully.

Get High Page Ranking With Strong and Permanent Back Links

Try link exchange programs with other websites with high page ranking. Your Google page rank will increase based on the good links that point back at your site. Here you should also make it a point to create at least 3-4 outbound links for every 1 inbound backlinks you make.

Directory Submissions:

Submit your website with search engine directory sites. A bit of research is necessary here as you need to figure out the popular directories that will boost your chances of getting listed with popular search engines.

Join Forums:

Forums are one site where you can get to interact with a large number people. Reply to the threads and questions asked by the forum members. Engage, promote, exchange information and direct the people to your website. Here your signature or the anchor text to your website URL should be innovative to capture the attention of people.

Blog Post:

Every business website should have its own blog page. This is where you can display your creativity, release new products, update new changes and be yourself. Encourage people to interact with you through comments and ask questions about the products. Also have a quick contact us page and you will enjoy high page ranking easily.

Site-map and Interlinking:

Make sure you have a proper site-map in place. Keep on updating your internal links and remove or repair faulty links, if any.

SEnuke is the software that does all these seven simple steps at a single click. Using SEnuke you can post your information across 55 of the best web 2.0 sites and other sites. Choose a proper technique and your website will get high page ranking automatically.

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  1. Maxi says:

    I would LOVE to see the end of the page rank. This system is a catch 22: you’re damned if you do paid posts and dammed if you don’t. Need to have a better system in place but don’t know what that would be. Great articls.