Sticky: Social Networking – A Great Source of High Pr Backlinks

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Savvy web marketers know that high pr backlinks are where it’s at in terms of SEO.  Websites that have a large number of one-way links leading to them from sites that have high page ranking will also climb the ranks in the search engines.  There are numerous ways to achieve this, and one way is through social networking sites.

Social networking not only helps users stay connected with friends and family, it also offers an excellent opportunity to promote a website.  Sites like Facebook and YouTube have such massive popularity, they have top ranking and are therefore great places from which to link back to your website.  These days, practically every profile you create has a space in the form for a URL.  By placing a link to your website in every social networking profile you create, you are creating a high pr backlink and increasing your chances of achieving a high page ranking.

In addition to including a link in your profile, you can also include it in posts on sites such as Facebook by sharing the link for other users to see.  This can draw in a lot of organic traffic; an added bonus for your website.  YouTube users enjoy a little taste of fame when they upload their videos for the world to see.  Marketers take advantage of YouTube by uploading videos that discuss a product, or a problem that a product can solve, then including a link to the product’s website.  Clever marketing campaigns often go viral and attract thousands of viewers, which is great exposure for any site.

Social networking sites are a great source of high pr backlinks, so it helps to join as many as possible.  Although filling out all of those forms may seem tedious, remember that you are creating high pr backlinks with all of these profiles.  These backlinks are instrumental in achieving the high page ranking that you desire.

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