Sticky: High PR Blogs – How To Make Your Blog One Through Back Links

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To a blog owner backlinks are like precious gems for getting high pr as they give them major traffic and can also make the blog search engine friendly. Unless you have several fans who want to link to your blog, getting backlinks can be a pretty tedious job. It is even more tedious to get quality backlinks from high PR blogs. One simple solution is to get involved with link exchange programs. Here you need to put up the link of the affiliate website so as to get reciprocal links from them.

To be one among the high PR blogs, many have been trying out ingenious techniques to get one way backlinks. Here you won’t need to reciprocate thereby stopping any PR juice distribution. The major way to do this is to write quality content in your blog. When you stick to a particular genre in your blog, like humor, politics, science and technology etc, chances are that there will be hordes of fellow bloggers out there who will be attracted to your blog. If so, your blog might be blog rolled by them in the list of must visit blogs they make.

Here you don’t have an obligation to link up their blog to your blog as it was done more in admiration than as part of a link exchange program. At least 10 such blog rolls will very easily make your blog rank one among the high PR blogs.

Make sure that your posts and images are properly tagged. When posting a blog post, you will have the option of tagging your article with words that are relevant to your post. These tags are usually picked by the search engines during a keyword search and are produced in the result page. Also when you find images relevant to your post in other websites, save them in your server and upload them into your blog directly. If you link the images directly from the source website, you are actually distributing your PR juice with them.

One simple way to get single way non reciprocal backlinks is to leave comments at relevant or random blogs. Usually the search engines show you high PR blogs in your keyword search. Comment on their blogs about their posts or the issue that is being discussed. But make sure that you include your website URL as your signature.

This way you have your single way backlink. Make your comments relevant as a spam comment will get deleted bringing in a drop in your Page ranking. Also make sure that the high PR blogs you are commenting on don’t have “no follow” tags attached to them. This will make all your attempts futile.

To make all your efforts reflect on making your blog to rank among the high PR blogs you can automate the whole process by using software like SEnuke. This software lets you repost your blog across hubs, Wikipedia and some 13 other web 2.0 websites garnering you more traffic. And this can all be done in a single click. Adopt these techniques to see your blog among the high PR blogs.

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