Sticky: Simple Ways To Make Your Blog Rank Among The High PR Blogs

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Even though all of us desire that our blogs should appear on the first page of the Search engine results page, not many achieve that easily. If your main concern about your blog is to make it appear within the first ten results of the search engine results page, you should be concentrating on increasing the page rank of your blog. There are several ways to help you get high PR blogs.

High PR Backlinks:

Search engines value your website according to the number of times your blog is linked to another high PR blog. The higher the number of links, the better the indexing of your blog; search engine crawlers prefer the number of relevant backlinks that points to your blog. Try to get backlinks from high PR blogs which have PR at least above 3 and those which have “do follow” tags. Only “do follow” tags make your blog count towards high search engine ranking. Do some research and find out which websites link to your rival blog. You can even employ an online too called backlink analyzer. Later try and get backlinks from similar high PR blogs and websites.

Site-map of the Website:

Create a complete site map of your website and a Robots.txt file for your website. Submit them and the URL of your website to the Google webmaster Tools. A site map basically tells the search engine about all the web pages that are present in your website. This process makes it simple for the Google crawlers to index your web pages and locate them on search engine results page.

Robots.txt file acts as a supportive document to your site-map and tells the crawlers about the section that you want to be indexed and those not to be indexed. You can use this text file to block Google from indexing the following,

  • Directories
  • Scripts
  • Document directories
  • Directories storing your e Books for sale &
  • Password protected directories

By having this index information in place it proves that your website is genuine and this gives you priority over other sites that are not so well structured.

Internal Link Structuring:

Make sure that you can access every page within your site from anywhere inside your blog to make it one of the high PR blogs. When the search engine crawlers are indexing your web page, this internal interlinking makes it easy for them to follow the updates very easily. The best possible way to do this is to provide a link to your site-map on every web page of your website.

Lastly, if you find it tedious in following all these techniques to make your blog be seen among the high PR blogs, then you can hire a SEO expert or buy multi use SEO software like SEnuke. SEnuke or Search Engine nuke helps you to post information across 65 websites with just a few simple clicks of a button.  You can use this software to see your website dominating the first three pages of any search engine result page.

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