Sticky: Get High Page Ranking by using Hubpages

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Everyone wants high page ranking, but perhaps you should save your budget and create your very own high page ranked backlinks by submitting articles to hubpages.

So, hubpages – you’ve never heard of them? – They are online revenue sharing sites that have been slowly taking the world by storm.   In the beginning, no one ever thought of using these sites as a source of backlinks to help increase site page ranking.  Writers used to submit content in the hope of earning an income from their content.  Slowly but surely forums became packed with writers offering high page ranked niche articles to backlink to your site, and webmasters clicked on to the fact that hubs are an excellent way to obtain high pr backlinks.

Hubpage articles tend to rank extremely fast due to their vast online community; all articles submitted are automatically linked back to the hubpage site.   You can easily monitor the traffic in your hubpage account, and the articles that rank quickly will be easily traceable.   Your best bet to attempt getting high page ranked back links out of hubpages would be to open up an account, and submit 10 articles for each site you own.  Linking to your site won’t prove a problem, since the staff at hubpages fully understand how links can build traffic!  Although the link box will warn you about including an external link, you will still be allowed to link out to your site.

In fact, you will automatically have backlinks and a source of extra traffic to your site.  In time the articles will achieve high page ranking – perhaps some will not rank as highly as you would like, but every link counts.   It really is a small price to pay to obtain your desired Google page ranking.

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  1. Pakistani says:

    thanks for the info man i will post some posts in hubpages