How can I find high PR do-follow backlinks?

Last week I created a new health related blog.But as the competition is high I haven’t ranked within the first 10 pages of my targeted keyword.In the first week I have only managed to get only 3 backlinks which are PR 2.

I have heard about many SEO services that will make my site ranked within 1st page.But I really don’t have much money for that.In fact I have just $20 in my hand.So I am finding the high PR links from where I will get backlinks for my website.

Please share if anyone knows where can I get high PR links.


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  1. Common Sense says:

    All of this is total BS. Only relevance and page views matter in search results.
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  2. SEOFocused says:

    to rank high on search results, you will need to properly optimize your site which is known as "onpage optimization." once thats done, you will need to build enough backlinks. more backlinks you have, the better.

    these days, quality and relevancy of the links matter more than just the sheer volume of links so try to get backlinks ofrm as many relevant sites/blogs as possible. dont get caught up with the high PR BS as PR doesn’t mean much these days, not anymore. those days of higher PR = higher ranking are long gone. you will find plenty of new PR0 sites outranking aged PR4 sites because the new site have good quality content and quality relevant backlinks.

    you dont need a whole lot of money to promote your site. infact, if you have some time in your hand and if you are willling to learn SEO, you can do it for free yourself. read the article below that will show you how to build lots of backlinks for free.
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  3. occool says:

    First of all, since you mentioned that you are low on money you should consider submitting your website to DMOZ web directory (The Open Directory Project), it does not cost a penny, and it is a volunteer-run directory, which if I am not mistaken even Google uses to pull their information from. The DMOZ directory gives a PR 8 link.

    If you are interested to check the PR of different directories you should visit the website “Strongest Links” they have a more complete list with hundreds of more web directories, and their PR. Have in mind though, that PageRank is only a small approximation of value for your website. Also make sure when submitting your website to a directory that the more relevant your site is within its directory category the more visitors you will receive.

    I also recommend for you to read this beginners guide to SEO by SEO.moz, it is pretty easy to read and they have a lot of interesting information to share…

    But to answer your Question about the PR definitely visit Strongest Links:, this website will give you all the information about directories and their PR links.

    Hope this was of some help… and Good Luck with your SEO studies, as well as your backlink hunt…
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  4. Kevin Lees says:

    back links are very important,so you need do as many as you can
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