Announcement: Seven Simple Steps To Get High Page Ranking

April 13th, 2010

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Getting High Page Ranking

Today there is stiff competition wherever you go or whatever you do. Your website needs to have high page ranking to survive against the competition posed by various other websites of the same niche. There are several ways to achieve high page ranking for your website, thanks to technology. Getting the help of a professional SEO expert is often seen as the most effective solution but this also tends to be a costly affair.

Actually the process of getting high page rank is quite simple and can be achieved through 7 simple steps that are listed below.

Announcement: High PR Backlinks Are The King OF SEO

March 31st, 2010

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Getting high PR backlinks to your web site is critical

to being found on the search engines.  90 percent of web sites on the internet are found on Google searches. High PR backlinks refer to linking sites with a high pr ranking back to your site.  This is important because of the significance that Google search and indexing algorithms places on having backlinks pointing to your web site.  The higher the overall page rank of the web site linking back to your web site the more weight that you’re site is given.  This is especially true in cases where you are able to tag your links with the key phrase that identifies the topic of your web site.

Announcement: High PR Backlinks: The Holy Grail Of SEO

March 23rd, 2010

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High PR Backlinks: The Holy Grail Of SEO

When it comes to external SEO nothing compares even remotely with the results you get by having high pr backlinks.  Google does not care what content you send out to other sites in order to get your backlinks.  All that google search engines are looking for to determine a site’s indexing is the quality and number of sites linking back.

3 Steps to Improving Your Page Rank on Google

April 16th, 2011

The search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing which are the most important threesome, must be an important part of your search engine optimization work. You need to consider them for your online marketing resources to achieve a high page ranking. These search engines have these little critters called spiders who crawl the whole wide web looking for the most relevant content for their most demanding surfers. Without search engines, there is no traffic that you can call significant for your online success. Search engines direct a large amount of traffic to our websites and is also a most likely permanent traffic. We need to do our research and spend some time doing the marketing & optimization thing.

What is the benefit of backlinks from high PR sites ?

March 28th, 2011

Hello, friends i want to understand about backlinks from high PR sites, what is the benefit if my website get more backlinks from high PR sites.


For a website to be popular, it needs to be ranked rather high in the search engines. There are multitudes of ways this can be achieved. Among the most popular would be the amassing of backlinks to boost the site’s popularity.

Of course, not all backlinks have the same value and those procuring links for their site may wish to look towards dofollow backlinks as the prime links to acquire.

How can I find high PR do-follow backlinks?

March 28th, 2011

Last week I created a new health related blog.But as the competition is high I haven’t ranked within the first 10 pages of my targeted keyword.In the first week I have only managed to get only 3 backlinks which are PR 2.

I have heard about many SEO services that will make my site ranked within 1st page.But I really don’t have much money for that.In fact I have just $20 in my hand.So I am finding the high PR links from where I will get backlinks for my website.

Please share if anyone knows where can I get high PR links.

How do link directories have high pagerank?

March 28th, 2011

I’ve been running around submitting my site to free search engine directories and I noticed that they all have PR=5 or higher despite the fact that they have so many out-links. And, I don’t know of many sites that link back to link directory sites.

So I don’t get it, how do they have good pagerank?

Also, is it even worth my time submitting my site to them? Are they actually going to make any difference in my site’s rank?

Submitting to directories does not give a direct result. It may takes like 3 to 6 months to have impact on your site.

Need list of do Follow High PR Real Estate Blogs?

March 28th, 2011

i need to have a High PR list of finance, real estate, invesment, bank or other mortgage type blog, can any one suggest me any idea to search google or is is there any methods to find the best list or link to get it soon!


try these

http;// PR3
http;// PR6

There are 40+ RE blogs listing if you want to take a look there.

I would like to know what you code in static page in my website to get high ranking in google search?

March 28th, 2011

I am looking to know what you need in a web page to get high
ranking in Google search engine. My webpage is
what do I need to encode in this page to help me in SEO.
I appreciate any help from anyone . thanks

There are several factors that contribute to your site’s rankings – surely you know its not as simple as just a piece of code, or else everyone would do it! :) Keywords throughout the site are very important, and you need specific keywords in your meta tags (in the headers). Use a good keyword generator such as, or even one at Google Adwords, both free, and see what words you should be using for your category (i.e., jewelry, diamonds, anniversary, etc.). Once you determine this, be sure to use them liberally throughout your site.

Getting Hold of High PR Backlinks for Free

November 30th, 2010

If you are engaged in a certain online business and you have your own site, you probably know that one of the most vital aspects of search engine optimization if for you to get a high PR backlinks and you can get it for free.

Having few information of what individuals often search is one of the first things that you will have to deal with and then you have to settle on having a no follow link or doing a follow link. In a point of fact, there has been puzzlement on this as most individuals believe that having no follow link cant help in having great rank for their website in the search engine optimization. This belief is completely not true.

Significance Of Google Backlinks

September 30th, 2010

When it comes to world search optimization, backlinks are very common. Backlink also identified as inbound links. Among the present search engines, Google gives the most meaning to backlinks. By means of this article you are able to determine that significance of Google backlinks.

First is that did you know that Google employs an algorithm that evaluates the relevance of a website by means of the number of quality inbound links pointing to the site? Links that comes from related sites that has good content are far more relevant to links that comes from unrelated websites. Through inbound links, visitors can go to your sites. Internet people are not able to quickly find your website alone. Those people must be guided first otherwise you advertise it anywhere wherein you leave your backlinks once done online.